2016 Community Mulch Sale

Friendly Reminder!

The Spring Community Mulch Sale rapidly approaching!

Mulch Pickup: Saturday, March 19, 2016 8am – 12pm  Rain or Shine

Just in time for your Easter Spruce Up

Costs  are the same as last year

$2.75 per 3 Cubic Foot Bag of Double Hardwood Mulch. Payment must be received to guarantee order. Sale prices are good through March 11,2016  After March 11, 2016 the cost will be $3.00.  .

A flyer and sign-up form are available below.


2016 mulch sale flyer

Helping Hands


The onsite office will be monitoring phone calls during the upcoming snow emergency. If anyone in the community needs assistance in clearing sidewalks or driveway, please check the Nextdoor community site. If you do not have access to Nextdoor, you can  give us a call at 703 330 5019. We have a list of neighbors that have offered their services.



Road Clearing and Safety Tips

The following request is from the snow contractor for the Townhouse residents in Wellington.
However the items addressed are a good rule of thumb for the other sections of the Community
Remember once the contractor begins pushing snow they work till it is done. In the townhouses the trucks will be making several passes through the area in an attempt to keep up. There will be breaks in service to change shifts or in some instances during extremely high winds and low visibility (Blizzard Conditions) for everyone’s safety. Be assured they will be back.

From Valley Crest Help Us Help You!
Feel free to pass this on to your residents/tenants

Below is a list of things residents/tenants can do to ensure all efforts made by plowing, road treatment and sidewalk crews will be of full value to the property and allow access to all as quickly as possible.
• Never obstruct, interfere or ask favors of snow plow or spreader truck operators. They are strictly contracted to provide service to the property and time spent taking care of residents/tenant favors is time taken away from effectively clearing contracted areas.
• During snow removal operations, residents/tenants are asked to park their vehicles only in parking spaces, garages or personal driveways.
• Never park any vehicle in NO PARKING AREAS or ALONG YELLOW CURBS. Parking illegally greatly affects the ability to properly clear streets and parking lots. The towing service will be out and about and they will be called for any vehicles parked in these areas.
• All snowplows are designed to unload snow to the side. As a result, snow is discharged to the curb and sometimes behind cars and in driveway areas. With accumulations exceeding a foot or more, it will be inevitable that snow windrows will be behind cars and require shoveling by owners. Do not get upset with the plow driver, as this is unavoidable with the type of equipment commonly used.
• When shoveling parking spaces, sidewalks, driveways and windrows do not deposit snow onto any street. Please put it on the grassy common areas. Snow that has been placed onto the street will refreeze and cause a hazardous condition, thus creating the need for costly follow up service visits. The first priority in moving the snow is to open the road so that emergency equipment and personnel can access the area safely and quickly to render assistance. The call they are responding to may be yours.
• Your full cooperation will help us more effectively clear streets and parking lots and limit costs to this Association and ultimately you.
Thank you for you help in this matter.

The clearing of snow in the Single Family areas handled by the City and VDOT depending on which area your home is located. Remember that there is an order to their clearing with major roads and emergency snow routes plowed first. Sorry but residential areas are the last to be cleared.

For those of you living in the County your streets are maintained by VDOT. This is the link to the VDOT web site can access the VDOT web site. http://www.virginiadot.org/ . There is also a link to check the progress for your area http://www.vdotplows.org

If you live in a single family home in Manassas City the streets are maintained by the City of Manassas. Below are the links to use to access information regarding snow removal.
• Manassas city snow information on their web site http://www.manassascity.org
• City of Manassas Department of Public Works Snow Removal Plan January 2015 http://www.manassascity.org/DocumentCent…
So you now are warm in your homes, your pantry and refrigerator are stocked and you have an idea on what to expect with the snow removal, just a few last things.
• Have you winterized your outside spigots? Are they turned off at the inside valve, is the hose removed and has the line been drained (simply open the outside stop cock (spigot) until all the water drains out , some people even leave it open it does not hurt anything and if the water is not completely shut off then water will not fill back in the pipe.
• IF you have a kitchen with piping on an outside wall you might want to consider leaving the sink cabinet doors open to allow warmth from the inside of the house help to keep them from freezing.
• If you have an unfinished basement with exposed pipes you might want to consider purchasing a space heater especially if there are not heat registers or wall insulation. Enclosed units (radiant heating) are safer that ones with open heating coils.
• If you have a fireplace and plan to use it remember to dispose of ashes outside and away from your home (not on your deck) in a sealed metal container. Even though the ashes may appear out there have been instances where the smallest ember has spark a fire when the ashes were thought to be dead. If you store chemicals in your garage this would also be a wise idea as many fumes from the chemicals stored in your garage are or can be flammable.

So stay warm and safe, put on your patience and remember we are all in this together.

2015 Holiday Decorating Contest Results

I received the annual phone call from Santa yesterday afternoon.  He was getting ready to start his journey but wanted me to let you know that he made an early visit to Wellington.  After receiving a few bad reports from Charlie the elf, Santa decided to make a quick trip through Wellington to see for himself.   Santa had asked me to let you know that with few exceptions (you know who you are) the children in Wellington appear to be very good little girls and boys and he hopes they enjoy the presents he will be leaving for them.

Santa was very happy to see the Holiday spirit shown by the residents throughout the community, he saw some very pretty decorations on his rounds and sent along a few gifts for the families who worked so hard  to make their homes festive.

The list he gave me is below, and owners may pick up their prizes at the Community Center Office.

The winners are:

In the single family homes section 

10167 Strawflower Lane  –  first place

9386 Cloudberry Way – second place

10908 Pennycress Street – third place

In the townhouse section 

9275 Caladium Drive – first place

9330 Garst Drive  – second place

9279 Caladium Drive  – third place

In the condo section 

9526 Ninebark Court –  first place

9797 Mock Orange Court  –  second place

9301 Gooseberry Drive  – third place

Although they did not win a prize, Santa thought the following did a very nice job and their hard work should also be acknowledged:

9727 Sassafras Court

9466 Teaberry Court

10215 Magnolia Grove Drive

9291 Veridan Drive

10182 Strawflower Lane

9372 River Crest Road

10843 Felicia Court

10213 & 10215 Calypso Drive – best partnership

Trellis Court – stunning collaboration

Teaberry Court – most festive.

Happy Holidays to all!


2015 Holiday House Decorating Contest

Christmas-lights-iconIt’s time for the 2015 Holiday House Decorating Contest!

Help create community spirit and spread Holiday cheer! Prizes to be given away for the best decorated homes.

Here’s how it works…
•Decorate the outside of your house for the Holiday.

•Make sure your lights are turned on the evening of Friday, December 18th  for judging.

•Winners will be announced December 22, 2015

2016 Coupon Books

The 2016 coupon books have been ordered and you should be receiving them before the end of this month. Coupon books are sent to all property owners in Wellington no matter of status or method of payment.
For those of you with ACH (direct payment) you need not do anything. The funds (new monthly assessment) will be automatically pulled from your account. The coupon books
notify you of the change so that adjustments can be made in your account balancing..
For those of you on direct payment through you banking institution please be sure to update your banking account.
If you are an account that is in collections the receipt of the coupon book does not mean you are to date. Your account will remain with the collection attorney until cleared. The receipt of a coupon book is to notify you of the change in your monthly assessments.