Expansion of Wellington Architectural Review Committee

Expansion of Wellington Architectural Review Committee

At the March 19, 2016 Board of Directors meeting, the Wellington Board of Directors (BOD) elected to increase the number of members on the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) from five to seven members.

The Board of Directors is now seeking homeowners to fill the two added seats. These appointments will run from June 1, 2016 until December 31, 2019.   Applicants must be available to attend monthly Architectural Review Committee meetings which are held on the first (1st) Tuesday of every month.

The board also determined that appointments to the Committee will run for 3 years with appointments staggered yearly  (i.e. In December 2016 the board will appoint two (2) committee members  who will serve for three years,  and in December 2017 the Board will appoint three (3) members who will serve for three years.  Seated members on the committee will be eligible to apply to be reappointed.

The Architectural Review Committee is tasked with; the monthly review of architectural design review applications, appeals, violation hearings and insuring the compliance of the Wellington Community Design Standards and Guidelines.

To be considered, persons interested in serving on the committee are urged the complete the candidate information application and return it to the onsite management office. The deadline for applications is 5PM on May 10, 2016.  All applications must be date time stamped received in the office prior to that date and time.  Application received after that date and time will not be considered.

All applicant must be in good standing with the community (assessments paid up to date, and have no outstanding architectural violations on their property).

If you are interested in filling one of the open positions, you are encouraged to attend the Architectural Review Committee Meeting on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 7 p.m. in order to familiarize yourself with the Committee procedures and processes.

Appointment to the committee will be made at the May 17th Board of Directors meeting, and all applicants are encouraged to attend.

All meetings are held in the Wellington Community Center.

Architectural Review Committee Candidate Information Application

2016 Pool Information

Summer is almost here!  Now is the time to get your pool passes, swim gear and suntan lotion!
Information on how to obtain a pool pass can be found on the Community Pool Tab on the Wellington web site.

Pool Passes are issued daily (M-F) from Noon until 4:00 pm at the onsite office. For those of you who find these hours difficult, the onsite office will offer extra pool pass hours on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 1PM to 4PM, Saturday, May 14, 2016  from 10AM to 2PM, Saturday, May 21 from 1PM to 4PM and from 5PM to 7PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

The Wellington 2016 Pool Schedule

 Sat. May 28           Pool opens for the Season (special hours schedule until schools close)
Sat. June 11            Pool opens at 1:00 pm Swim meet                                                                   Sat. June 18            Pool opens at 1:00 pm Swim meet
Fri.  June 17            Pool opens full scheduled hours (Schools closed for   summer break)
Sat. June 25            Pool opens at 1:00 pm Swim meet
Thur. July 4*           Fourth of July Pool party 11- 4   Pool closes at 6 PM
Sat. July 23              Pool opens at 1:00 pm Swim meet
Sat. July 30              Pool opens at 3:00 pm Divisional Swim meet
Sat. August 13*     Adult sip and Dip
September 5          Pool closes for the Season

Things to remember:

  • For safety, the will pool close at the first clap of thunder or flash of lighting and must remain closed for an hour after the last clap is heard or flash of lightning is observed.
  • No street clothes are allowed in the pool. Bathing suits only.
  • Children of diapering age must wear a cloth or swim diaper, rubber or plastic pants and a swimsuit.
  • Health Department rules require the pool be closed and cleaned for any health related incident involving bodily functions.  Due to the size of Wellington’s pool, this can take up to 8 hours.  We ask that if you are sick or not feeling well that you not come to the pool.

Architectural Inspections

Architectural Inspections

The Covenants Coordinator, a member of the Wellington Community Association (Association) onsite Management team, represents the Association’s Board of Directors (Board) and  Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in conducting external inspections of all single family homes and townhomes within the Wellington community.  Whether you are a long-standing or new homeowner, as well as a renter, the following information, it is hoped, will help clarify any questions you may have regarding the inspections of your residence.  If this information does not answer your questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Association’s on-site Management office at (703) 330-5019.

What is inspected?  Inspections are ongoing, consisting of systematically traveling through neighborhood streets in order to visually ascertain whether homeowners are in compliance with the Association’s governing documents.  These consist of the Covenants and the Bylaws (wherein the Board is empowered at Section 4.1(4) & (6) to adopt and amend any reasonable rules and regulations and enforce the provisions of the governing documents and at Section 7.1 to establish a covenants committee (i.e., the ARC)).  One of the rules adopted by the Board is the Design Standards and Guidelines (Guidelines), which the inspections are meant to enforce in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance and environmental quality of the community.

Accordingly, inspections include, but are not limited to, the condition of the roof, siding, driveway, walkways, wood trim, external doors, caulk and paint, fencing, lawns, and gardens; the location of trash cans, trash, and building and lawn supplies; commercial vehicles parked in driveways and townhome streets; and issues of cleanliness.  These inspections can include the back of the home, if visible from the street or to a neighbor.  If a violation is observed, the owner will be cited and a picture is usually taken for the purpose of clarifying any subsequent questions the owner may have about being cited.

In the interest of assisting the Covenants Coordinator in inspecting an aging community, any resident may contact the on-site Management office to report a possible violation or simply pose a question.  Any resident identifying a possible violation may take a picture of the violation and report it to the office along with the picture.  Violations can also be reported by residents by completing and submitting a violation report form.  This form can be downloaded from the Association’s website by going to http://www.wellingtonca.org/forms/Covenants_Violation_Report.pdf and can be submitted to the office by mail or electronically.  All such reports of possible violations must be verified by the Covenants Coordinator.

Owners, as well as renters, are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Guidelines, which were provided to owners, along with the resale certificate and packet, when the home was purchased.  Annual changes to the Guidelines are also provided to owners.  The Guidelines can be accessed on the website by going to www.wellingtonca.org under “Homeowner Resources” and then “community policies”.

Why inspect?  When you purchased your home, you were informed that this is a subdivision with covenants and you agreed to abide by those covenants.  This is not a choice; it is a contractual obligation.  As noted above, the Board has a fiduciary obligation to insure that the governing documents and rules are enforced, without exception.  As in any subdivision, the condition of your home impacts the property values of adjacent properties as well as the entire neighborhood.  It only takes one “eye-sore” or lack of “curb appeal” to bring down the values in the neighborhood and, by extension, the subdivision.  In addition, yard clutter is a health issue and attracts insects, snakes, and other vermin.  Health issues, as well as the potential for serious injury, will be reported immediately to health or zoning authorities, as appropriate.

How long do I have to abate the violation?  In most circumstances, violations must be abated within 30 days, although additional time may be granted on a case-by-case basis.  If there are extenuating circumstances that will not allow you to abate the problem within 30 days, you may contact the Covenants Coordinator to establish a plan of action.  The only exceptions are for issues of health and serious injury.

After a plan of action is established, all requests for extensions must be submitted in writing to the ARC for approval.  Nevertheless, if the violation(s) is not abated within the time specified, including cases where you failed to have a plan of action approved by the ARC, the Association will continue to seek compliance in accordance with the Guidelines.   Continued failure to abate the violation(s) can result in a hearing before the ARC and, ultimately, before the Board.  Actions, including monetary fines, can be taken against you in accordance with the Guidelines and Virginia Code.

What about owner-initiated design changes?

Design changes to the exterior of your home must be approved by the ARC and carried out in accordance with what is stipulated in the approval.  The application form may be downloaded from the website by going to http://www.wellingtonca.org/forms/design_review_application.pdf.  The application must be received by the ARC within 7 days prior to the ARC’s monthly meeting held on the first Tuesday; otherwise, the application will be considered at the next monthly meeting.  Contact the on-site office with any questions about whether a design change needs to be approved.

The Wellington Board of Directors

2016 Spring Egg Hunt

Due to the weather forecast, the Spring Egg Hunt date has been changed from Sunday, March 20th, to Saturday, March 26th from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Due to the short notice, please help us spread the word and let your neighbors know!
We hope to see everyone come out. Please dont forget your baskets/bags for collecting eggs, and your cameras (rumor has it that “Freckles” the bunny will once again be making an appearance!)
Please RSVP as soon as possible so we have enough refreshments for everyone!

2016 Egg Hunt

The Board of Directors would like to invite the residents of the community to The Spring Egg hunt.

Location: Wellington Community Center
Date: March 20, 2016
Time: 2 PM
Everyone is encouraged to attend. To make this event happen we will need volunteers to assist.

If you can volunteer, please send us an email to sign up
Email covenants@wellingtonca.org    message title: egg hunt volunteer

If you plan to attend, please send us an email
Email covenants@wellingtonca.org     message title egg hunt participant.

Hunters will be divided into age appropriate groups: Under 3 years, 4 to 6 years and 7 to 12 years.

Please contact the office if you have any questions.

New Pool Management for 2016

The Wellington Community Association Board of Directors would like to update our neighbors on the status of the Pool Management contract for the 2016 summer season.

We are very pleased and excited to welcome Titan Pool Service, Inc. as our contracted pool management provider.  The Board received six bids in response to our request for proposals.  After reviewing these bids, we interviewed three companies in person during working sessions, checked multiple references and settled on Titan.  One of our Board members made many calls to current Titan clients, and we were very impressed by the glowing recommendations we received including two from large country club-style communities in Haymarket and Aldie.

In addition to hiring a pool management company, part of our staff will be an intermediary manager who will report directly to the Association.  Our goal is to solve some of the staffing issues we’ve had in past years that were the source of numerous complaints.  We feel that many of the problems stem from lack of direction from weak leadership by prior pool managers. Our hope is that this staff member, combined with Titan’s strong hiring and employee management practices, will set the expectation high from the start and help maintain it.

At our request, Titan has begun an evaluation of the pool facility and some of the equipment and maintenance needs. Recommendations have been made to modernize chemical treatment systems to help ensure chlorine balance, and to make improvements to pump capacity.  All of this should ensure effective functioning and prevent issues many pools see, such as cloudy water, chemical imbalance that allows algae to grow, and filtration issues.  The Board hopes these improvements will help the “behind closed doors” performance of our pool.  Titan has also made some suggestions on how to better manage the baby pool this summer, so we hope our residents will be happier with this area as well.

We are also in the process of identifying a company to come in a few times a week and do a deep clean of the bathroom and entrance areas.  We’ve received bids from several cleaning companies and hope to have this in place by opening week.  After talking to multiple pool managers and companies, we learned that many pools are going to this model. Onsite Lifeguard staff are just not able get bathrooms clean to the level desired, and it is a common area of dissatisfaction among residents.

The condition of the pool pavilion is on our radar as well.  We are in the process of identifying bidders to replace windows while our on-site handyman George is busy repairing and making improvements to the pool facilities.

Before anyone goes whoa, what is this costing us; we can assure everyone that all of the associated costs are within or below budget, including the suggested maintenance and cleaning needs.

Titan is local to us in Manassas, has more than 30 years of industry experience and eager to have our business and begin the turnaround—making this year the best we have had.

We will continue to update our residents, as we get closer to Memorial Day weekend. In the meantime, you can visit Titan online at www.titanpools.com for information on the Company and for lifeguard opportunities.