Community Updates

*Community announcements, updates, invites,newsletters and general information will now be available via email. Information may be posted on the Wellington website, next door or the Wellington community Facebook page, but all official business will be sent via email.Homeowners who are interested should send an email to to be added to the distribution list. Please include your address. Homeowners can also subscribe to email updates from the Wellington website to get email notifications when the website is updated. While the Board President and other Board Members are active on other social media outlets, such as the Wellington Facebook page,subscribing to updates from the website and being added to the email distribution list will be how official information is provided.

Board Meeting Agenda for February 21, 2017

Agenda Items

1.Call to order (6:30PM)

2. Approval of meeting agenda

3. Acknowledge Guests

*Manassas City Police Department

*Jeff McWhirt – CERT

*Councilman Ken Elston 

*Architectural Review Committee Report – John Wilkinson, Committee Chair

4. Members Open Forum (Limit of three minutes per person)

**If comments or questions will be longer than three minutes please submit them via email to or the full Board at to receive proper feedback. Reminder that only Association members are able to participate in open forum unless an invited guest of the board.

5. Approval of January Meeting Minutes

6. Old Business

Tennis/Basketball Courts

Townhouse Paving

Paving the grassy area at the pool area and turning it into a patio area. 

New Business

Swim Team pool use discussion. 

Executive Session (Closed session)

**originally I had adding a family restroom at the clubhouse or pool deck on the agenda. I obtained a general informal verbal quote but requested a formal one that I don’t think will be ready to look at in time so the item was removed. It should be on the agenda for the next meeting.

* Condo Association Streets:

Buttonbush Court

Fringe Tree Lane

Gooseberry Drive

Mock Orange Court

Ninebark Court

Sassafras Court

Tea Berry Court

Wax Myrtle Way

Witch Hazel Way 

Your streets are managed by the condo management company. American Management of Virginia. -H. Pond

* The Board of Directors Meeting is 2/21/17 at 6:30PM. Location is the community center. Current Agenda Items are a presentation by Jeff McWhirt for the Community Emergency Response Team (, Discussion related to expanding the community center bathroom to  family restroom size, Pool Deck discussion and Town Home paving items. Agenda items are added as we move closer to a meeting. Resident open forum is limited to three minutes for each speaker in order to have a timely meeting. If you feel comments will run over or have questions requiring a direct answer please email them to -H. Pond

* Non Wellington Resident POOL memberships are $400.00 for the season coming up. The lost pool card fee was reduced from 25.00 each to 6.00 each (replacement cost).

POOL Guest Pass Reminder that if you have a 2016 guest pass with punches left you can finish using it up those for 2017. You still get one free guest pass for the current year (2017). -H. Pond

* The Wellington Clubhouse rental policy has been changed. The security deposit is $75.00, and the rental fee is $125.00 for five hours. -L. Mulloy

* Spring Inspections will begin in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for a tentative schedule. -L. Mulloy

* Lighting will be installed in the areas of Garst Drive, Gent Court, O’Connell Court and Flanagan Court. -L. Mulloy

* The Board President has called to obtain formal proposals to potentially turn the two upstairs restrooms in the clubhouse into one large family restroom or maintain two but enlarge one. -L. Mulloy

* The 2017 Calendar of Events are as follows:

Mulch Sale March 18, 2017
Spring Egg Hunt March 25, 2017
Spring Yard Sale May 20, 2017
School’s Out Party June 24, 2017
4th of July Pool Party July 4, 2017
Adults only Sip N Dip August 12, 2017
Fall Yard Sale September 16, 2017
Trunk or Treat October 28, 2017
Annual Meeting November 21, 2017

Stay tuned for announcements of pop up parties at the pool, which are frequent in the summer, and are typically done with a couple days’ notice. L. Mulloy

* The 2017 Budget is available to homeowners. There is no increase in the 2017 Dues.

Please email for the password. Click link for the PDF (password available through the office to homeowners)   2017 Budget.protected