Community Updates


(Repost) Community update following up on the last community board meeting:

Community Center/Pool Security Cameras: We received two of three bids requested for replacement of existing security cameras. The bid selected will replace all current cameras and add a couple more. This was the year replacement of the security system was put into the budget. Replacement was considerably UNDER budget.

Tennis Courts: We received two bids after seeking three for a period of roughly one month. The board approved the resurfacing of the court off Acer and repairs to the tennis court at the community center. This includes new netting as well.

Electrical Work: We are scheduling work to bring power to all monument areas off Hastings rd. They will be illuminated as the Wellington rd side is.

Water Infiltration at the Lifeguard Office: We received three of three bids requested to stop the flooding of the guard shack after heavy rains. This work is being scheduled.

Please keep on eye on the calendar for the next board meeting. This will be largely devoted to parking permits to restrict parking in the townhome areas to Wellington residents and guests only.

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