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September Board Meeting Rescheduled

We have several board members who are unable to make the 9/18/2018 meeting. Therefore, no quorum will exist. We are canceling the meeting and moving up the one in October from the third Tuesday of the month to the first Tuesday of the month, which would be October 2. This delayed/rescheduled meeting will also allow us to create and vote on the new ARC since those application deadlines are 9/30.

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Clubhouse and other Updates

The clubhouse has gone through recent updates (photos attached). New/updated items include flooring carpeting, paint, trim work, bathrooms, kitchen and appliances. Also, Added to the clubhouse are two game/pub tables for sitting or playing checkers/chess. There will also be a couple of workstations residents can use at the clubhouse for account access, browsing, research or other online activities. The workstation/laptops will be available during staffed hours and not for rentals (for now). The laptops can also be utilized by Staff, Committee members and the Community Board during meetings instead of using paper. Other recent improvements include working with the City who upgraded lighting at the Cloverhill crosswalk and the crosswalk at the Giant shopping center. Additionally, the Board president working with the City was able to get a proper bus stop installed along wellington road across from Giant; whereas, before it was just a sign in the middle of a mulch bed it now has a paved walkway and bench making it safer and more accessible. Grounds improvements have resumed and will include refreshing some tot lot areas and restoring a picnic area at the Strawflower pond area. The tot lots are being inspected the week of this post and evaluated for potential equipment additions.


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Snow Removal – 3/21/2018

Snow Removal Plan:

Brightview (our snow removal service providers) plan to be onsite by 3am 3/21/18 with plow, spreader trucks and 2 skid loaders. This equipment will be dedicated to Wellington Community. They plan to plow and move snow as needed. They anticipate plowing to be a day long event and will be treating as necessary (salt/sand/plowing). They will then wrap up Wednesday night (3/21/18) with salting as needed for Thursday morning (3/22/2018). Sidewalks will be cleared at some point at the conclusion of the event.

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Community Updates

(Repost) Community update following up on the last community board meeting:

Community Center/Pool Security Cameras: We received two of three bids requested for replacement of existing security cameras. The bid selected will replace all current cameras and add a couple more. This was the year replacement of the security system was put into the budget. Replacement was considerably UNDER budget.

Tennis Courts: We received two bids after seeking three for a period of roughly one month. The board approved the resurfacing of the court off Acer and repairs to the tennis court at the community center. This includes new netting as well.

Electrical Work: We are scheduling work to bring power to all monument areas off Hastings rd. They will be illuminated as the Wellington rd side is.

Water Infiltration at the Lifeguard Office: We received three of three bids requested to stop the flooding of the guard shack after heavy rains. This work is being scheduled.

Please keep on eye on the calendar for the next board meeting. This will be largely devoted to parking permits to restrict parking in the townhome areas to Wellington residents and guests only.

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Storm Damage Questions

If you are a resident of Wellington Community please email the office staff at lmulloy@wellingtonca.org and rtorres@wellingtonca.org to report any common area trees down or other areas of common area concern related to the recent storm. The onsite office will be open Monday and the number is 703.330.5019. The Staff can provide information and where applicable will schedule to get downed trees removed as soon as practical, etc. If you are a resident of the Wellington Condominium side the contact information is swinterstine@amvirginia.com and board@wellingtoncondo.org. The office number for the Condo management company is 703-530-1550.



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February 20th Board Meeting Reminder

Agenda Items:

Closed Session 6:00pm
Call to order: 6:30pm
Approval of meeting agenda
Acknowledge Guests – Manassas City Police Department

Architectural Review Committee Report – John Wilkinson, Committee Chair
Approve January Meeting Minutes

Old Business
Resolutions-Term limits, Common Expenses Determination

Water Intrusion Proposals

Tennis Court Repair Proposals

Clubhouse Security Proposals

Members Open Forum (Limit of three minutes per person)

New Business

(None at the time of this posting)


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Community Association Updates

Spending: During the last public meeting the Board voted to restrict spending authority from unlimited to a set amount. Previous to this a Board officer or designated Director could spend without limit. The motion to adopt a restrictive resolution was brought forward by the Board President  and adopted unanimously by the Board.

Term Limits: Limits for consecutive Board terms were proposed by The Board Vice President  and tabled while an answer related to application of the resolution was provided by counsel. That answer came just after the last public meeting so Term limits will be voted on at the next meeting. The intent is to make it retroactive which will restrict certain Directors from running again. With potential impending future vacancies in mind any member who wants to be on a list of willing volunteers for the board should contact the office staff by email or phone. 703.330.5019.

Common Expenses: Currently as written the Wellington Community Board can make anything a common expense… yes, anything at all. A board could deem a cruise a common expense legally for example (crazy and a stretch but it would be “legal”). In order to make a restrictive change stick permanently counsel will work on an amendment that will be sent to the membership for a vote (all Wellington members). Important to note is that this will require 67.5% of the entire Wellington community membership to vote on and affirm. So when you see it come out take a moment to vote. This will be done through traditional snail mail. This was mentioned previously but the document submitted by counsel came as a simple policy resolution not a membership voting form and produced follow up questions. Just a note for those that follow what’s up and wondering why it hasn’t come yet, etc.

Projects: Current projects under consideration: Tennis court restoration/repairs, fixing a water infiltration issue at the pool guard station and upgrading security cameras around the community center. New bidding process to be proposed will request up to 5 bids per project along with up to 4 weeks for service providers to produce a proposal. Approved and to be ratified at the next public meeting is a project providing electrical service to Hastings side of Wellington to illuminate all those entry areas such as Hastings/Lucasville, Hendly/Hastings, Peachtree/Hastings and Rivercrest/Hastings, etc. This will match the type of illumination on the Wellington rd side. We are still exploring more lighting options in TH areas as well as trails. Staff are also waiting on suggestions for commercial solar lighting options. Many areas are just cost prohibitive for running power lines; hence, exploring all solar options.

Meetings: Always keep an eye on the events listing for any meeting time or date change. Generally Community Board meetings are third Tuesdays but sometimes holidays, schedules that impact quorum or other events can cause a change. The listing can be found here: http://www.wellingtonca.org/events/list/ General announcements are also posted to the main page at http://www.wellingtonca.org .

Budget: At the next meeting the Board President will propose to our Board that we post budget/spending actuals by month to the community reports section of our website.

Townhome Parking: Parking permits will be discussed in order to keep our private parking areas for Wellington members only.

Next meeting agenda is being set so if there are matters that you feel apply to the community association please email lmulloy@wellingtonca.org for consideration. Please remember that any suspected criminal type activity isn’t within the ability of a community board to act on directly. That falls to our police and should be reported to them. The non emergency line for our City Police Dept. is 703-257-8000 PWC Police information can be found here: http://www.pwcgov.org/government/dept/police/Pages/default.aspx

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